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KINDRED MAGAZINE ● september 21, 2018

Pizza and My Place in the Order of Things

I need a single bowl of tomatoes for dinner, but the plant is overflowing with the delicate orange orbs. It’s the end of an extravagantly fertile summer that began with a slow spring and plentiful rain, a rarity for our high desert climate. My garden has responded to the weather, heavy with produce. As I brush past the tomatoes, they give off their familiar scent: earthy and metallic and sharp and soft all at the same time. The plants grab me with their fuzz-covered leaves. That fuzz is made up of hair-like tendrils called trichomes, as I discovered when I got curious one morning. The trichomes are a tomato’s defense mechanism, and the green secretion on my hands is full of compounds garden pests find unpleasant. Limonene, caryophyllene, humulene, and other words I’ve never found a use for in general conversation are why I like the smell of the tomato plant. Keep reading → 


Relevant Magazine ● March 5, 2018

How to Have a Healthy Conversation About Gun Control

In the aftermath of the horrifying shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the predictable arguments are raging in newsrooms, state houses and living rooms. Many of us feel helpless before the words start flying—we’ve all heard and used the same tired arguments, phrases and hashtags. But as Brene Brown recently wrote, a large number of Americans don’t fit comfortably into either camp of extreme views on gun control. Keep reading → 


Her View From Home ● February 8, 2018

Why Moms Shouldn't Feel Bad for Bragging About Their Kids

I cradled my baby’s head gently in one hand and shifted the weight of her newborn body into my friend’s arms. “She started rolling on her side yesterday! It’s amazing. I can’t believe she’s doing it already. And she slept seven hours last night.”

I realized I’m gushing and stop abruptly, heat creeping up my cheeks. “But I know that’s all pretty boring,” I smile nervously and adopt a forced sarcastic tone. “We new parents always think our kid’s winning the baby Olympics, right?” Keep reading → 

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