The Hardest Part (It's Right Before You Begin)

A blog has to have a first post, just like a journal needs a first entry. Every time I start a new journal, my pen always hovers over the paper a little while, hesitant to mark the page with anything other than a startling epiphany recorded in excellent handwriting. 

A few weeks into my relationship with a journal, though, I'm always a little more familiar. I'm willing to write the uninspiring, the embarrassing, the ridiculous. I guess that's where I am with this blog: we just need to get to know each a little better, and I won't worry so much about these posts. 


Here's a confession for you: I've never read a single Stephen King novel. I did read his excellent book On Writing, though. And I guess I'm marginally aware that he's an absurdly successful and prolific writer, so his advice probably holds some water. 

If Stephen King is right, then the scariest part is over. I've started. 

If you followed along with my old blog, thanks for reading. I'm glad to be moving along to this new space. I hope you find something here that resonates with you. I hope we connect and start some conversations. And I really hope Stephen King was right.