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Feverfew Tea, Task Switching and Decision Fatigue

Charlie has wondered over to where I sit on the porch with a handful of feverfew flowers. "Can we make tea from these, Mom?" she asks. Now that's she's four, she doesn't forget what I tell her, and she's curious about everything in the garden. That's why she knows and remembers what I told her about making tea with feverfew leaves, and she wants me to do it with her. 

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Moms: Here's What You Should Know About Working From Home

I enjoy working from home—I get to do what I love (writing), get paid (yes, English majors make money), and keep my professional network active during these intense years of raising young kids. That said, working from home comes with its own set of difficulties. Not the least of these challenges is feeling a little invisible, a little tribe-less; I'm not fully a "working mom" with a closet full of heels and the day care on speed dial. I'm also not fully a "stay-at-home mom" with the associated schedule freedom or routine. Like many other areas of my life, I find myself somewhere in the middle as a work-at-home mom

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These Are the Short Years

Marriage takes a beating during the early years of parenthood, doesn't it? I've started calling them the short years. Because we're in the thick of them, and sometimes it helps to give things a label. We're short on everything. 

Short on sleep. Money. Alone time. Self-care. Time together. These are the short years, the pinched years, the years of tightening up and buckling down; hands-on, always on, hearts out, worn out. 

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