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Monthly Coffee Date: The Shortest, Longest Month

Every month, I recap what I learned, loved, read, clicked, listened to, and wrote with my Coffee Date posts. This is what I'd talk to you about if we got coffee this week, and it's how I take a minute to reflect on another month passing. Maybe you'll find your next podcast or book here, or you'll find an interesting article to read. Pour yourself a cup, and let's chat. 

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January Coffee Date: Runway Month

Every year, I do one of two things with January: I either lean too hard into the New Year hype and am worn out by the time the middle of the month rolls around or I ignore the resolutions and goals and let the first thirty-one days of the year pass without much comment. This year, I did the latter, and it was just about right. I let January be the long runway my 2018 takeoff, and didn't write down a single resolution, goal, or intention (I know, gasp!). 

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