Unread Stories Club: How to Host Your Own Writing Retreat

How to Host Your Own Writing Retreat

I was hugely pregnant with my second child in August 2016, and two and a half hours in the car sounded like the opposite of fun. But the weekend promised at the end of the trip was enough to make me tumble my swollen body into Haley's car and drive the 92 miles from Boise to McCall, Idaho. It was time for our first writing retreat. 

At some point during 2016, our small writing group had come to the realization that there was literally no one policing who could and could not host writing retreats. We'd been bemoaning how expensive guided writing retreats are, and how none of us could afford to spend a weekend focusing on our craft and meeting other writers. Then we realized—what's keeping us from hosting our own retreat? All you need for a writing retreat is writers and a period of blocked off time, and we had the writers and our calendars handy.

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How to Host a Writing Retreat