Hey Mom, It’s Ok to Be Your Kid’s Cheerleader


I cradled my baby’s head gently in one hand and shifted the weight of her newborn body into my friend’s arms. “She started rolling on her side yesterday! It’s amazing. I can’t believe she’s doing it already. And she slept seven hours last night.”

I realized I’m gushing and stop abruptly, heat creeping up my cheeks. “But I know that’s all pretty boring,” I smile nervously and adopt a forced sarcastic tone. “We new parents always think our kid’s winning the baby Olympics, right?”

I wouldn’t have added that caveat or thought twice about my new-parent enthusiasm if it hadn’t been for a different visitor’s comment the day before. I felt painfully self-aware in my fresh role as a mother, and even off-hand remarks could dig deep into my newfound insecurities and nest there in my budding postpartum anxiety. In response to a similar moment of play-by-play about my baby’s accomplishments, this guest had laughed and said, “I always think it’s funny how new parents go on and on bragging about their babies. They’re not doing anything at all at this age, but new moms just go crazy.” 

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Motherhood, ParentingEmily Fisk