Spring Refresh with JORD

This last week in Boise has been glorious... the temperatures are peaking around 40-50 degrees (heat wave!), the sun is shining, the snow has all but disappeared. I know that the typical February here gives us a tease and then plunges us back down into some gloom and inversion before finally giving way to spring in late March, but I'll take it anyway—tease or not. 

The spring weather has me thinking about cleaning out, refreshing, and simplifying. I've been cleaning out the kids' toys and paring down my clothes of things I hate wearing and don't wear often. While I was going through our shared jewelry and watches collection, I noticed something that made me laugh... I've given Jason three (yes, THREE) watches over our 8+ year relationship, and all of them are gathering dust, broken. Basically, I owe this man a watch. 

The good news is, I've teamed up with JORD to give him (and one of my readers!) a new watch that's not only going to tick away for a long time, it's always gorgeous, high-quality, and incredibly stylish. Jason likes a thin profile and sleek design, and JORD's wood Frankie 35 watch in Zebrawood and Navy is perfect. 

Check out JORD's watches  here

Check out JORD's watches here

This unique watch even comes with its own wood box that's set up like a humidor. It's the best gift I can think of to celebrate our eight Valentine's Day together. 

Giveaway Time!

Now for the giveaway: you guys, one of my readers will win $100 toward a JORD watch of their own (or one for your significant other who has three broken watches sitting around, whichever your prefer)! Everyone who enters will get a $25 eGift Code, whether you win or not! It's super simple to enter: just click here and fill out the form. This giveaway closes March 5th at 11:59pm, so get your name in there ASAP!

Emily Fisk