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Emily Fisk

I'm Emily Fisk, writer by night and marketing strategist by day. I started writing because the words of others have been there for me when I desperately needed to feel less alone. My goal in writing is always to help you feel connected instead of isolated, understood instead of unknown, and hopeful instead of anxious. 

I write about my Christian faith and current events to encourage common ground and contemplative action. I write about motherhood and everyday life to offer perspective and help you see beauty in the mundane. I write about physical activity and body image to explore how our bodies and spirits are connected. I write about writing, too, because I like to be meta like that.

About Me

I live in the gorgeous Northwestern United States with my two young daughters and my husband of eight years. My typical days include a (sometimes chaotic) mixture of work, playtime with my kids, household management, gardening, physical activity, cooking, and reading. On Sundays when the weather's nice, my husband and I pack the girls into their bike trailer and cycle to our tiny neighborhood Nazarene church. We're the kind of family who camps instead of vacationing, and for the most part we're stunningly average and normal (and in love with our average and normal life). Most weeks, you'll see us practicing messy and loud hospitality with our hodgepodge collection of dear friends. 

I work from home (for an amazing company) helping businesses and entrepreneurs get their message honed (if you need help with this, let's chat). I'm a founding member of a (super cool, not at all nerdy) writing group—you can check out our resources and upcoming events for writers at UnreadStoriesClub.com

For the past decade or so, God has been working on my heart and evolving my faith. I've left behind fundamentalism and embraced the nuance, mystery, and transformative power of Christianity outside of human-made (and often Americanized) boxes. I found early on that it can be terrifying to let go of beliefs and mindsets you've made part of your identity. If you're on a faith journey, too, I hope this space helps you feel a sense of hope and connection. 

About the Blog

EmilyFisk.com is my landing place of sorts: it's where I work out thoughts about faith, motherhood, fitness, writing, and the meaning and beauty in everyday life. In the process, I always have as my aim to encourage you and leave you feeling less alone. Whether you're a mom, a writer, a fellow Christian, none or all three of those, my prayer is that this little corner of the web leaves you refreshed and hopeful. The writing of authors and bloggers I deeply admire has calmed, encouraged, and inspired me throughout my entire life: I hope in some small way I can give that gift to you, too.  

My work is also scattered around the web, including on Kindred Mag, Relevant Magazine, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Her View From Home, Hello, Dearest, and Humane Pursuits. 

Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let's be friends! 

PC: Kimberlie Ann Photography

PC: Kimberlie Ann Photography